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Bardolino, Italy

Bardolino is one of the best-known of the Lake Garda resorts, mainly due to the Bardolino wine made from the grapes grown in the vineyards on the surrounding hillsides. In fact the wine actually has its own Bardolino DOC as well as an annual Bardolino wine festival.

The resort is one of the more popular destinations on the southern end of the lake and and is located just to the south of Garda town on the other side of the La Rocca hill which separates the two towns.

What to see

Remnants of dwellings built by previous inhabitants long ago reveal that this village was originally used by fishermen. Later the suitable climate led to the production of red and rose wines as well the planting of the many olive groves. The olive trees are used for the manufacture of olive oil and cosmetic products. There is actually an olive oil museum just to the south of Bardolino in Cisano.
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Where to stay

Bardolino has a wide range of hotel accommodation, both in the main village and in the small hamlet of Cisano just to the south. There are also plenty of options for camping and motorhomes both near Bardolino and further south in the hamlet of Cisano. More information:
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How to get there

Visitors will find that Bardolino is one of the easiest resorts on the lake to access as it is close to the motorway connections running from Bolzano in the north to Verona to the south. For a map and some advice about the best ways to get to Bardolino via car or plane try our travel page:
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An aerial view of Bardolino and  Lake Garda
The town of Bardolino from the air

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