Bardolino Italy

Getting to Bardolino - Travel Information

Bardolino is situated on the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda and has very easy access to the north-south motorway route between Austria and Verona (and thus to the Milan-Venice motorway as well) plus, of course, it is well within reach of a variety of airports.

How to get to Bardolino

Travel by Car

Those heading to Bardolino from the south and west are advised to use the A4/E70 motorway which stretches from Venice to Milan. The exit for Bardolino - actually it is the one for Peschiera - is situated to the east of the turn-offs for Verona - the route then follows the coast past Lazise to Bardolino. An alternate route for those arriving from the south is to take the motorway past the Verona junction north to the Affi turn-off.

Drivers coming from the north have the option of taking the scenic route to the north of Lake Garda and then the long tour down the lakeshore on the east (definitely not recommended in anything approaching busy periods or for those without time on their hands).

Alternatively, they can stay on the motorway as long as possible - taking the A22/E45 from the Austrian border down to the junction at Affi (also the exit for Garda) and then using the country roads through to Bardolino.

This is also the most promising route (although approaching the exit from the south) for those heading from the east, who should take the route to the north and Austria after the exits for Verona and then leave the motorway at the Affi junction.

Milan 192km - northeast to Bergamo and then past Brescia to the motorway exit at Peschiera
Venice 155km - past Padua, Vicenza and Verona to the motorway exit at Affi
Verona 30km - either on the motorway to Affi or on country roads to Lazise and north along the lakeside

Travel by Air

Bardolino has a good variety of options when it comes to airports, many of which - especially the most close at hand - are served with flights from the low-cost airlines from the UK or with travel company charter flights. The largest and most likely to have convenient scheduled flights from further afield are Venice (Marco Polo) Airport and the two airports at Milan.

Verona Airport (on motorway interchange to south of city) - 30km
Gabriele D’Annunzio Airport (south of motorway interchange outside Brescia) - 55km
Orio al Serio Airport (just outside Bergamo) - 102km
Marco Polo Airport (located on coast of Venice lagoon) - 157km
Treviso Airport (just to the north of Venice) - 163km
Bolzano Airport (to the north and east of Lake Garda) - 134km
Milan Linate Airport (close to the city in the eastern suburbs) - 151km
Milan Malpensa Airport (to the west of the city) - 189km
Innsbruck Airport (over the border in the Austrian Tyrol) - 255km

Travel by Rail

The nearest railway station to Bardolino is at Peschiera (15km) - the main line Verona station is around 30km away. From Peschiera, local buses, the ferry or a short taxi ride are necessary to get to the resort.